Favorite Color Theory

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My favorite color is blue.

I really enjoy eating at Chipotle.

Inception is one of my favorite movies.

Those are all facts. They can’t be argued. The reason is because they are all relative to myself and my own opinions. Let me reword those three statements and see how we can make it a bit more controversial:

Blue is the best color.

Chipotle is the best food chain.

Inception is the best movie of all time.

See? Those cannot be proven as facts and any argument is futile because they are based on opinions.

I try to remember this principle as often as possible in the business world. And more importantly, as I tried my best to run my last company, I really hope that my team understood this principle.

In business, and especially in the corporate world, I’ve learned that it’s less about who’s right and who’s wrong and more about the opinions of those entrusted to make decisions. (Barry Bonds-like asterisk: **That statement only works if you consistently work with competent, forward-thinking people who you also trust.**)

At Ancestry, I am quite literally surrounded by incredibly intelligent co-workers that I know and trust. This makes it easy for me because I can absorb information going into a decision, hear arguments from different parties and different data pools, and then ultimately come to a decision. But the honest truth is that from beginning to end, every single step is primarily based on opinions, even if they’re opinions derived from data. Here is a basic, but important, example that explains my thought process:

Logo / Branding

In mid-2014 there were just 4 of us at my last startup, which was called Plus11. In fact, we weren’t even Plus11, we were [Needs to be Branded]. We wanted to pick a company name that didn’t lock us into technology, apps, or really anything at all. Once we had decided on Plus11 as a name, we needed a brand and a logo. Our Creative Director, who I knew well and trusted as a proven designer, presented a bunch of logo options for us to mull over. We picked a certain style and narrowed it down to a board of fine-tuned options. Here’s what we had as far as options:

Plus11-TopMarksWe picked our favorite style (2nd one down on the left) and moved forward to nail down a final version of our logo.

When talking over colors, we talked about what different colors meant and why one would be good vs the other, but ultimately the color choice came down to my obsession with light blue. I love light blue. Dillon had no strategic or design-driven argument against light blue. Thus, decision made. (This doesn’t mean an opinion is ALWAYS right. I doubt a maroon/brown/pea green combo color would have been a solid brand choice, but that’s where the caveat of having a team you trust comes into play.)

We finally ended up with this logo for Plus11:

Bigger Logo

Right now, a handful of you are totally validating my entire blog post. You’re looking at our final logo, reviewing the previous image of all our options, and you’re opinionating to yourself about which one you liked better and why. And great, good for you. You’re right! Your opinion is right. The problem is that it just wasn’t your decision to make, and if that principle is understood, feelings can’t get hurt, arguments can’t even start, and everyone walks away with their chin up, ready for the next collaborative decision-making process.

In order for me to make Minesweeper-like decisions on a day-to-day basis, I rely on the opinions of those around me to get us to a win-win starting point. I know I often make decisions that people don’t agree with, and that I’m not the smartest person in the room, but I have complete confidence in my opinions and complete confidence in the opinions of those around me, and that is the ultimate recipe for (hopeful) success.

The blog post you just read is 100% factual and is not based on any opinions whatsoever. Please consider this as startup doctrine, any argument is futile.

Why Drinking Water Is (So) Important

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We’ve all heard the recommendations to stay hydrated or drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. However, not all of us know why this is important for our health and general state of well-being. Lots of people fail to consume the right amount of fluids during the day and this leads to various health issues, ranging from headaches, apparently unexplainable fatigue, muscle and joint pain, problems with focusing and a lot more.

Water is vital for the normal functioning of the brain and the rest of the organs in our body. In fact, the human body is made up of sixty percent water, while the blood is made up of ninety percent water. Water is also vital for the good health of our kidneys. When we do not drink enough water, our skin becomes a lot more vulnerable and prone to suffer from various skin conditions and wrinkles. Not convinced of the benefits of drinking sufficient water every day? Keep reading.water

Surprising Benefits Of Drinking (Enough) Water

In order to work the right way, all the cells and organs inside the body must receive certain amounts of water. For example, water is an excellent lubricant for our joints. The cartilage in the joints and the spine’s disks are made of eighty percent water. This means not putting enough water into your system could easily lead to the joints having trouble absorbing shocks during regular walking or workouts, leading to pesky joint paints.

Water Keeps Our Mucus Healthy

Without the right amount of water, our body has a difficult time forming the saliva and mucus we need to digest our meals and maintain our nose, mouth and eyes well moisturized. This will keep the risk of friction, small cuts and other forms of damage at bay. The more water you drink, the cleaner your mouth will be. Try to replace the regular sugary drink you normally have throughout the day and you should soon start to notice tooth decay will no longer be a subject of concern for you.

Water Keeps All The Organs Working Fine

Water is also the number one oxygen carrier in the human body. Blood contains more than ninety percent water, which makes water crucial for transporting all the oxygen to the vital organs inside the body.

The structure of the brain is also severely affected by the lack of satisfying hydration. The same can be said about the functions of the brain. You may notice that your regular poker or blackjack strategy you normally use when you play casino online at Australia Casino might not go as well as usual when you are not properly hydrated. Water is needed to keep your head clear and your logic working fine. If you enjoy playing one or two games of poker, blackjack or slots online whenever you get the chance, see that you are well-nourished and that your water intake is decent and you should notice the difference in your gameplay. Dehydration has been tied to a lack of reasoning and foggy thinking, so make sure you keep that in mind next time you are experiencing these symptoms and you are not sure what is the reason behind them.

Water Makes Your Skin Glow

If you are tired of always seeings dry and cracked patches of skin on your body or you have started noticing early wrinkles on your face, you are, most likely, dehydrated. Start drinking more water and keep the cells happy and the collagen flowing and you should be able to keep your youthful look for a longer time. Keep unwanted skin disorders away, flush away the toxins clogging your pores and you will also have a better chance to dight off acne, psoriasis and other similar skin problems.

Water Cushions The Spinal Cord

If you are dealing with frequent backaches or you have faced spinal cord injuries and you are still in recovery, you should focus on also drinking more water every day, if you are not already getting enough. Water is critical for the production of hormones in the body, as well as a series of neurotransmitters. It also regulates the digestive system and it works as a shield against acid in the stomach.

Water gets stored in the middle layers of the skin and it rises up to the surface of the skin while sweating when the body gets heated up, helping it cool down when working out. Some studies even suggest that when we have too little water in the body, we tend to store more heat and our ability to face heat strain is significantly lower.

Water is also known to improve performance when practicing a form of sports, especially when handling activities that are too strenuous. According to one research, being dehydrated could cut your performance during activities that last for more than half an hour.

4 Science-proven Benefits Of Running You Should Learn

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Did you know that running can help you live a longer life, have better sleep, improve your immunity, mood, and vision of life? It might sound a little too much, but running does it all. Many people think that running and jogging are good only for legs, muscles, and breathing. But running can indeed improve your physical and mental conditions even larger than that.

runningRelationship Between Physical Activity And Health

Doctors of all fields agree that physical movement is a key to well-being, good metabolism, effective sleeping, good mood. Physical activities like running have a strong and positive impact on your total existence and, what’s more, the health and mental benefits of running and scientifically proven since ever.

Movement helps reduce the risk to develop cardiovascular diseases, it helps against sedentarism, it’s also a great defense against psychological issues like depression, anxiety, sleeping troubles. When you run, your body releases substances that work as a natural medicine to heal psychological stress due to anxiety, phobias, depression.

Of course, if you can’t go out to enjoy the fresh air and run in all freedom, you can always buy a treadmill and do your daily or weekly running session at home. But even if you can’t buy a treadmill, you don’t have to worry – running is most of all for a matter of pleasure, if you can’t run for a few days, spend your time to relax. Physical activities need some breakouts to be effective. Take your time, relax, play a game. Or, if you are passionate about sports, check a good sports venue on the web. Arabic Bet is, for example, one of the most emerging sites for sports amateurs. You can get updated news on a variety of sports, teams, leagues. And if you want, you can test your knowledge about your favorite sport and place a real-money bet online.

Benefits That Only Running Can Give You

When the sun is back again after a rainy day, catch the opportunity to go out and run for a while. You don’t have to run for long hours unless you are well trained and you can do that. The important thing is that you enjoy running as long as you want to run.

And now, here are some scientifically proven evidence about the benefits of running on your health and mind:

  1. Run to add years to your life
    Medicine tries to manufacture pills and stuff like that to help people live longer, reduce the risk of diseases, and all. Well, you should know that all meds contain toxic substances: they are good on a point, but they poison other organs of your body, including the brain.
    Running increases lifespan according to numerous studies and… it’s cost-free! An analysis conducted in 2018 shows that runners have a 25-to-30% lower rate of all-cause mortality if compared to non-runners. In practice, it means that runners can live about 3 years longer than non-runners. Running improves cardiovascular fitness, it helps burn fats and lower cholesterol, it helps control glucose, it strengthen bones and muscles, it helps regulate hormones as well as neurological functioning.

  2. Run to improve your quality of sleepsleep and run
    Sleeping is fundamental. We can’t live without it. And the good news is that running helps you fall asleep more quickly and improves the overall quality of your sleeping. Moreover, if you suffer from nightmares, you will sleep better thanks to the release of hormones that have a role in sleep regulation. So, the more you exercise, the better your sleep.

  3. Run to strengthen your bones and back
    We often hear that running improves the conditions of knees and muscles. That’s true, but running improves also the health of your back. If you run on good ground, wear appropriate shoes, and avoid physical fatigue, running doesn’t have any negative impact on your bones. It’s what this study proves, according to it, runners are very rare to develop arthritis while non-runners have a higher rate of people who suffer from arthritis and bone issues. Besides, runners have less age-related back issues, especially for the lower back, like disc-spacing.

  4. Run to control your weight
    One of the most recommended activities to start for losing weight is running. It’s simple, you can practice it in all freedom, you don’t need any costly equipment, you can plan your running sessions the way you like the best. As long as you are consistent, running helps you lose weight and keep it under control over the long term. Of course, you should also adjust your eating habits accordingly.

Finally, consider runners have a better immunity status than non-runners as exercise and a good diet improve the body’s self-defense system. Enough reasons to start practicing running!


Running as a Healthy Habit

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One of the many phrases often tossed around in response to the notion of exercise is “I don’t have time”. People believe they are too busy to exercise, too consumed sitting around and unable to produce top notch work. People avoid just 30 minutes every day of exercise because they are too busy struggling with work. The struggle is because exercise is vital to the body and when it is ignored, the consequences are devastating. 

Exercise provides physical benefits like improving your heart health and immune system, but non-physical benefits like improving mood, productivity, confidence, and reducing stress. 

Your heart is one of the most important muscles in your body. 

  • The heart, along with the cardiovascular system, is key for pumping blood to the rest of the body. 

  • The heart pumps oxygenated blood it receives from the lungs, and distributes it throughout the rest of the body. 

  • Your blood provides both oxygen and important nutrients to cells of the body, and assists in the removal of waste.

Because the heart is a muscle, it must be exercised to keep it in good shape. Exercising the heart muscle reduces the risk of major problems like heart disease. Heart disease is the most common cause of death across the world.

athlete barbell body building equipment exercise exercise equipment fitness footwear guy gym heavy indoors man metal muscles person shoes steel strength strong training wear weightlifting weights workout

Your Immune System

Exercise increases the health of your immune system in a few different ways. First, your body produces more macrophages, or bacteria-fighting cells. Second, as your body temperature increases, your body does a better job of fighting off infections and other sickness. Long term exercise will improve your health and immune system overall, but a short term drastic increase in exercise has been linked to a drop in immune system health, due to overstressing the body. This keeps you healthier in the face of things like office flu season. 

Stress and Mood

Exercise improves your overall mood because endorphins are produced during the workout process. Endorphins are a stabilizing mechanism and help combat feelings like hunger and stress. It is common to have a feeling while working out called a “natural” high or a runner’s high for those whole like to run for exercise. 

Endorphins are released after a long period of exercise, like jogging. Over time, more endorphins are produced as more exercise takes place. These chemicals improve overall mood. Higher endorphin levels have also been linked to lower stress. So endorphins make us feel better, and working out is better for us. This is what reduces stress, keeps you happy, and helps you live a healthier life. 

The energy level sustained by your body can be impacted by many different factors. Exercise is one of the most important, along with proper diet and sleep. Exercise has been linked to increasing alertness and improving overall stamina.

As exercise increases, the rate of blood flow increases throughout the body, because the heart muscle works harder. Because more blood is pumped through the body, more oxygen is supplied to the major organs, increasing overall alertness. Glucose is also supplied throughout the body, so the muscles are supplied with more energy or fuel. In the long term, exercise increases muscle health and higher stamina along with reducing blood pressure. This means that you can improve your daily energy levels with regular exercise. 

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Surprising Health Benefits Of Climbing Mountains

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While you might have heard of the excellent benefits of being out in nature, you might not know exactly what climbing a mountain truly means for the mind and the body. Not to worry, you are soon going to find out from these next few lines.

Why Walking Up A Hill Is Good For You

Besides the fact that walking is known as being one of the most important, efficient and completely free forms of workout, it is also a great way of keeping your weight under control. If you normally take some brisk walks throughout the week, you should know your lungs, heart and overall blood-flow are very thankful for it. Walking can lower the blood pressure, while cutting the risk of suffering from asthma, experiencing a stroke or dealing with various heart diseases or type 2 diabetes.

Walking Helps You Get Rid Of The Stress

Walking is also excellent for helping us feel less stressed out and anxious and more at peace and one with nature. It is also the number one healer of brains as it clears our thinking and allows us to focus a lot better. We tend to get a lot more creative when we are in the outdoors. This is why so many people like to do remote work from parks or their own backyard or even lay their favorite casino games on their smartphone or tablet while in the great outdoors. It brings them more inspiration and they feel more creative and better prepared to put their winning strategies into online

Hiking Is Excellent For Exercising All Muscles

Climbing a hill, on the other hand, will force you to use more muscle groups part of the lower and upper body, including the back, legs, shoulders, arms and even fingers. Your endurance and stamina will also greatly benefit from rock, hill or mountain climbing and all the stretching and reaching out for stuff to grab to make your climbing easier will considerably improve your flexibility.

If you are looking for a new type of an aerobic workout routine, all you need to do is go out in the outdoors and start walking and climbing.

Climbing Can Change Your Mood

Your general state of well-being will also be influenced in a positive manner by your hikes up in the mountains or all the way to the nearest hilltop. Climbing will also help you boost your self-esteem and help you become a lot more self-aware and mindful. Your general state of wellbeing will be seriously and positively influenced when climbing a hill or a mountain and reaching its top. All the effort and pushing forward will be well worth it and the sense of achievement that you are going to experience will be hard to match or go over.

Kiss The Stress Goodbye For A Few Hours

Climbing gives you a chance to kiss your daily worries and stresses goodbye and lose yourself in the climb, one foot after the other, clear your mind and stay in the moment. Lots of people who suffer from mild forms of depression are experiencing excellent results at the end of their periodical hikes.

Climbing Can Improve Your Social Life

Climbing is an excellent way to become more social and interact more with people who share your interests. Most people who choose to go rock or mountain climbing usually do it for the social aspect of the activity. It is the perfect opportunity to make new friends, meet your soulmate, who knows, or at least create powerful bonds and long-lasting friendships with your climbing buddies. Since climbing involves putting your trust in your partners and sharing the same type of challenges, it is definitely an experience that has the potential of bringing you closer to people. If you are not the most social being on the planet or you are simply looking for more fun ways to meet new people, mountain climbing is for you.hiking with dog

If you own a dog, you could take your buddy along on your weekend hikes and share an amazing experience every time. Dogs are adventurous creatures who love to sniff everything they can lay their eyes on and being out in nature is their all-time favorite thing to do. Take them along if you do not wish to join a hiking group or invite some friends along and you wil definitely create some unforgetful memories.