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October 2017

Why Drinking Water Is (So) Important

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We’ve all heard the recommendations to stay hydrated or drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. However, not all of us know why this is important for our health and general state of well-being. Lots of people fail to consume the right amount of fluids during the day and this leads to various health issues, ranging from headaches, apparently unexplainable fatigue, muscle and joint pain, problems with focusing and a lot more.

Water is vital for the normal functioning of the brain and the rest of the organs in our body. In fact, the human body is made up of sixty percent water, while the blood is made up of ninety percent water. Water is also vital for the good health of our kidneys. When we do not drink enough water, our skin becomes a lot more vulnerable and prone to suffer from various skin conditions and wrinkles. Not convinced of the benefits of drinking sufficient water every day? Keep reading.water

Surprising Benefits Of Drinking (Enough) Water

In order to work the right way, all the cells and organs inside the body must receive certain amounts of water. For example, water is an excellent lubricant for our joints. The cartilage in the joints and the spine’s disks are made of eighty percent water. This means not putting enough water into your system could easily lead to the joints having trouble absorbing shocks during regular walking or workouts, leading to pesky joint paints.

Water Keeps Our Mucus Healthy

Without the right amount of water, our body has a difficult time forming the saliva and mucus we need to digest our meals and maintain our nose, mouth and eyes well moisturized. This will keep the risk of friction, small cuts and other forms of damage at bay. The more water you drink, the cleaner your mouth will be. Try to replace the regular sugary drink you normally have throughout the day and you should soon start to notice tooth decay will no longer be a subject of concern for you.

Water Keeps All The Organs Working Fine

Water is also the number one oxygen carrier in the human body. Blood contains more than ninety percent water, which makes water crucial for transporting all the oxygen to the vital organs inside the body.

The structure of the brain is also severely affected by the lack of satisfying hydration. The same can be said about the functions of the brain. You may notice that your regular poker or blackjack strategy you normally use when you play casino online at Australia Casino might not go as well as usual when you are not properly hydrated. Water is needed to keep your head clear and your logic working fine. If you enjoy playing one or two games of poker, blackjack or slots online whenever you get the chance, see that you are well-nourished and that your water intake is decent and you should notice the difference in your gameplay. Dehydration has been tied to a lack of reasoning and foggy thinking, so make sure you keep that in mind next time you are experiencing these symptoms and you are not sure what is the reason behind them.

Water Makes Your Skin Glow

If you are tired of always seeings dry and cracked patches of skin on your body or you have started noticing early wrinkles on your face, you are, most likely, dehydrated. Start drinking more water and keep the cells happy and the collagen flowing and you should be able to keep your youthful look for a longer time. Keep unwanted skin disorders away, flush away the toxins clogging your pores and you will also have a better chance to dight off acne, psoriasis and other similar skin problems.

Water Cushions The Spinal Cord

If you are dealing with frequent backaches or you have faced spinal cord injuries and you are still in recovery, you should focus on also drinking more water every day, if you are not already getting enough. Water is critical for the production of hormones in the body, as well as a series of neurotransmitters. It also regulates the digestive system and it works as a shield against acid in the stomach.

Water gets stored in the middle layers of the skin and it rises up to the surface of the skin while sweating when the body gets heated up, helping it cool down when working out. Some studies even suggest that when we have too little water in the body, we tend to store more heat and our ability to face heat strain is significantly lower.

Water is also known to improve performance when practicing a form of sports, especially when handling activities that are too strenuous. According to one research, being dehydrated could cut your performance during activities that last for more than half an hour.