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March 2017

4 Science-proven Benefits Of Running You Should Learn

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Did you know that running can help you live a longer life, have better sleep, improve your immunity, mood, and vision of life? It might sound a little too much, but running does it all. Many people think that running and jogging are good only for legs, muscles, and breathing. But running can indeed improve your physical and mental conditions even larger than that.

runningRelationship Between Physical Activity And Health

Doctors of all fields agree that physical movement is a key to well-being, good metabolism, effective sleeping, good mood. Physical activities like running have a strong and positive impact on your total existence and, what’s more, the health and mental benefits of running and scientifically proven since ever.

Movement helps reduce the risk to develop cardiovascular diseases, it helps against sedentarism, it’s also a great defense against psychological issues like depression, anxiety, sleeping troubles. When you run, your body releases substances that work as a natural medicine to heal psychological stress due to anxiety, phobias, depression.

Of course, if you can’t go out to enjoy the fresh air and run in all freedom, you can always buy a treadmill and do your daily or weekly running session at home. But even if you can’t buy a treadmill, you don’t have to worry – running is most of all for a matter of pleasure, if you can’t run for a few days, spend your time to relax. Physical activities need some breakouts to be effective. Take your time, relax, play a game. Or, if you are passionate about sports, check a good sports venue on the web. Arabic Bet is, for example, one of the most emerging sites for sports amateurs. You can get updated news on a variety of sports, teams, leagues. And if you want, you can test your knowledge about your favorite sport and place a real-money bet online.

Benefits That Only Running Can Give You

When the sun is back again after a rainy day, catch the opportunity to go out and run for a while. You don’t have to run for long hours unless you are well trained and you can do that. The important thing is that you enjoy running as long as you want to run.

And now, here are some scientifically proven evidence about the benefits of running on your health and mind:

  1. Run to add years to your life
    Medicine tries to manufacture pills and stuff like that to help people live longer, reduce the risk of diseases, and all. Well, you should know that all meds contain toxic substances: they are good on a point, but they poison other organs of your body, including the brain.
    Running increases lifespan according to numerous studies and… it’s cost-free! An analysis conducted in 2018 shows that runners have a 25-to-30% lower rate of all-cause mortality if compared to non-runners. In practice, it means that runners can live about 3 years longer than non-runners. Running improves cardiovascular fitness, it helps burn fats and lower cholesterol, it helps control glucose, it strengthen bones and muscles, it helps regulate hormones as well as neurological functioning.

  2. Run to improve your quality of sleepsleep and run
    Sleeping is fundamental. We can’t live without it. And the good news is that running helps you fall asleep more quickly and improves the overall quality of your sleeping. Moreover, if you suffer from nightmares, you will sleep better thanks to the release of hormones that have a role in sleep regulation. So, the more you exercise, the better your sleep.

  3. Run to strengthen your bones and back
    We often hear that running improves the conditions of knees and muscles. That’s true, but running improves also the health of your back. If you run on good ground, wear appropriate shoes, and avoid physical fatigue, running doesn’t have any negative impact on your bones. It’s what this study proves, according to it, runners are very rare to develop arthritis while non-runners have a higher rate of people who suffer from arthritis and bone issues. Besides, runners have less age-related back issues, especially for the lower back, like disc-spacing.

  4. Run to control your weight
    One of the most recommended activities to start for losing weight is running. It’s simple, you can practice it in all freedom, you don’t need any costly equipment, you can plan your running sessions the way you like the best. As long as you are consistent, running helps you lose weight and keep it under control over the long term. Of course, you should also adjust your eating habits accordingly.

Finally, consider runners have a better immunity status than non-runners as exercise and a good diet improve the body’s self-defense system. Enough reasons to start practicing running!