Running as a Healthy Habit

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One of the many phrases often tossed around in response to the notion of exercise is “I don’t have time”. People believe they are too busy to exercise, too consumed sitting around and unable to produce top notch work. People avoid just 30 minutes every day of exercise because they are too busy struggling with work. The struggle is because exercise is vital to the body and when it is ignored, the consequences are devastating. 

Exercise provides physical benefits like improving your heart health and immune system, but non-physical benefits like improving mood, productivity, confidence, and reducing stress. 

Your heart is one of the most important muscles in your body. 

  • The heart, along with the cardiovascular system, is key for pumping blood to the rest of the body. 

  • The heart pumps oxygenated blood it receives from the lungs, and distributes it throughout the rest of the body. 

  • Your blood provides both oxygen and important nutrients to cells of the body, and assists in the removal of waste.

Because the heart is a muscle, it must be exercised to keep it in good shape. Exercising the heart muscle reduces the risk of major problems like heart disease. Heart disease is the most common cause of death across the world.

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Your Immune System

Exercise increases the health of your immune system in a few different ways. First, your body produces more macrophages, or bacteria-fighting cells. Second, as your body temperature increases, your body does a better job of fighting off infections and other sickness. Long term exercise will improve your health and immune system overall, but a short term drastic increase in exercise has been linked to a drop in immune system health, due to overstressing the body. This keeps you healthier in the face of things like office flu season. 

Stress and Mood

Exercise improves your overall mood because endorphins are produced during the workout process. Endorphins are a stabilizing mechanism and help combat feelings like hunger and stress. It is common to have a feeling while working out called a “natural” high or a runner’s high for those whole like to run for exercise. 

Endorphins are released after a long period of exercise, like jogging. Over time, more endorphins are produced as more exercise takes place. These chemicals improve overall mood. Higher endorphin levels have also been linked to lower stress. So endorphins make us feel better, and working out is better for us. This is what reduces stress, keeps you happy, and helps you live a healthier life. 

The energy level sustained by your body can be impacted by many different factors. Exercise is one of the most important, along with proper diet and sleep. Exercise has been linked to increasing alertness and improving overall stamina.

As exercise increases, the rate of blood flow increases throughout the body, because the heart muscle works harder. Because more blood is pumped through the body, more oxygen is supplied to the major organs, increasing overall alertness. Glucose is also supplied throughout the body, so the muscles are supplied with more energy or fuel. In the long term, exercise increases muscle health and higher stamina along with reducing blood pressure. This means that you can improve your daily energy levels with regular exercise. 

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